Projects on Development

Feature films

1. Kamukola (Trapped),
Formerly known as Black Desire - 90 mins
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions and Flare Media.

Kamukola is a story about a young African woman who escapes a pre-arranged marriage disguising herself as a man and whilst on the run is accused of impregnating the chief’s second and favourite wife.

2. Herdgirl - 130 min
Production Companies: Nabuzoka Picture and Vilole Images Productions.
This is a story of a dyslexic eight-year old girl who juggles between school, caring for her HIV positive paralytic father and herding cattle to earn income for the family, however, after her father’s death it is discovered that he owned cattle that would sustain the girl.

3. Smoke that Thunders - 130 min
Production Companies: Save Our Nature and Vilole Images Productions.

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This is a tourism film about seen through a 12 year old boy, David who desires to see the Victoria Fall. While his mother takes us on a trip in women empowerment with the focus on ‘Cotton Made in Africa’ David, however, before getting to the Victoria Falls, in search of his father in Lusaka, takes through on journey into street life.

Drama series

1. Shing’anga (The Doctor) - 26min per series
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions and Divas Productions.

Shing’anga is an intriguing drama series set in a small rural health centre (clinic), and the surrounding village. Through a Medical Doctor, transferred from a big hospital in the city to a rural health centre audience undertakes a Journey of discovery of various illnesses that surround HIV/AIDS and different patients of all ages with all sorts of illnesses. This is an optimistic storyline about traditional beliefs on HIV/AIDS and various diseases; breaking the silence, search for acceptance, determination and forbidden Love.

2. Hope 26min per series
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions.

Hope is a series of short films depicting various situations of persons with different disabilities and hindrances to accessibility in diverse aspects. The edutainment drama series embraces cultural, humour, love, challenges, HIV and AIDS and traditional beliefs.


1. The Sakala Brothers - 56 Min
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions and the Sakala Brothers Arts Centre.

The Sakala Brothers is a documentary film profiling the life of two very close indigenous and famous Zambian musicians, Moses and Levy Sakala.

2. Love letter to my Mother - 90 Min
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions

Letter to my Mother,” is a documentary film profiling Musola Cathrine. Kaseketi’s life.

3. Super Ken - 56 Min
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions

Super Ken, is a Documentary on the first President of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. The historic documentary film touches the elements that led KK to declare free education and what led him to get so involved in other African countries’ fight for freedom during the liberation struggle.

Short Films

1. Lwito (Light) - 26min
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions.

Lwito is story about a young blind 12year old girl leaving with her 8year young brother, Joe, struggle through begging to raise money that would pay for her brother’s education and their daily up keep. While Lwito sings the sweet melody, Joe plays the home made guitar before he goes to school. NTAZANA, a new schoolteacher and musician is touched by the talent and intelligence of the kids and tries to fight for Lwito to be enrolled in school using the concept of inclusive education, but all in vain. However, through the power of music Lwito is awarded a scholarship into a normal school

2. Melody of Love - 26min
Production Companies: Vilole Images Productions.

An intriguing story of a young musician who, determined to get the woman he loves so much, follows her to her village where young men plot to kill him with spears, however, when moonlights comes and he begins to play his guitar all the villagers including his rivals dance to his song “Melody of Love.”  (Based on a true story)